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Laughing gas

When do we use laughing gas?

Most children cope well with treatment in the chair at our clinic. Paediatric dentists are trained to care for and understand the needs of infants, children and adolescents. However, there are situations when your child may feel quite anxious before dental treatment. Based on your child’s age, level of anxiety, type of treatment required and the length of the appointment, we will recommend if sedation with laughing gas will be beneficial for your child. On the day of your consultation, we will explain to you and your child what to expect at the next visit.

What is laughing gas?

Laughing gas is a mixture of two gases – oxygen and nitrous oxide. it is not only effective but is probably the safest sedative used in dentistry. We administer laughing gas through a mask that is placed on the child’s nose throughout the procedure. Your child will experience a relaxed state, their fingers or toes may feel tingly and some children giggle and laugh during the procedure. Your child will be awake the whole time. At the end of treatment, the gas is eliminated by breathing oxygen and the laughing gas has no lingering effects.

Important instructions

It is important to remember certain instructions prior to the procedure;

  1. Give your child little or no food two hours prior to the appointment
  2. Ensure that your child does not have a blocked nose on the day
  3. Please advise us if your child has taken any medication on the day of treatment

Will laughing gas work for all children?

We understand that every child’s needs are not the same and we try to tailor a plan that will suit the treatment needs for your child. This form of sedation may not be effective for some children, especially those who experience severe anxiety, nasal congestion or children who find having a mask on the nose very restrictive. We will offer alternative treatment options if laughing gas is not suitable for your child.

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